Vote Bääbs to the eurovision song contest

Today you can start voting for Bääbs. YLE have chosen 30 songs for this first stage of selecting the finnish entry to the next eurovision song contest. Only 3 of them will make it to the next round where they are companied by those lame invited acts.

Bääbs is Päivi Kankaro from TV-Resistori and the song You Don’t Know Tomorrow was written by Viola’s Riku Kärkkäinen and Tommi Forsström. It would be great to see such a lovely people make it all the way to Oslo. And obviously I don’t need to vote them just because they are good people. The song is really good as well.

Bääbs Website

Oh and there’s actually more good people in the contest. Jussi Petäjä has two songs in the competition. One with his great band Captain Cougar and one with his new project Blackbird. Marcus Granfors (aka Frankie Magnum) from Vaasa is also in the game.

You’ll find the songs and the voting info by hitting the link below:

Euroviisut Website

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