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Sister Flo’s new album Au was released on 25th of november by Fullsteam Records. Quite a lot has happened since the previous album. The remaining three members of Sister Flo chose finnish electro artist Jori Hulkkonen as the producer for the new album and in the end Jori Hulkkonen even became a member of the band. Together the new line up created an album full of  hypnotic and beautiful soundscapes.  As you know I’m a narrowminded prick who tends to prefer simple pop songs or sad country whining. Therefore this new direction is a minor problem to me. I mean the quality of the music is equally high as before, but stylewise it just isn’t my cup of tea at all. If I’m honest, I wouldn’t have bought a record like this if it hadn’t been written by a band that I already love and people that I truly admire. Thankfully I already loved Sister Flo and I gave the album a chance to win me over. Sister Flo certainly gives me (a beautiful) challenge, but I’m slowly starting to see light. I’m still struggling with the beginning of the album and the last three tracks of the album. However, I can’t deny that the middle part of the album from New Life to The Mutual Feeling About The World Today is quite fantastic. I guess I just need the comfortness of Samae’s voice in order to be able to enjoy it (and the melodies don’t hurt either). Maybe one day I learn to enjoy the instrumentals as well.

Sister Flo Website
Sister Flo at myspace

Snow Coloured Kid started out as Anssi’s solo project and he also had an EP released by french indie pop label Anorak Records. Since then Snow Coloured Kid has grown into a full power pop band. Lately they’ve been recording some new material and several new songs are available on their myspace.  This is really good and recommendable stuff and reminds me of early Weezer occasionally. So check this out if you are too scared to check out the new Weezer album (like I have been). I’m guessing this is about eight times better.

Snow Cloured Kid at myspace

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