Review: Laura Veirs – July Flame

Laura Veirs: July Flame (Raven Marching Band Records, 2010)

Some years ago I fell in love with Laura Veirs’ album called Carbon Glacier, but somehow I managed to forget her brilliance for a while. Especially her previous album Saltbreakers flew by without me noticing it at all (however I bought it now after hearing July Flame). Then in last december I got a promo email that gave me a possibility to download her new album. I did that and I instantly fell in love with July Flame and also bought a physical copy of the record when it came out.

July Flame is Laura Veirs’ seventh album and it’s also her finest work so far. For me it’s even better than Carbon Glacier (I haven’t heard the first three albums though). Laura Veirs is a skillful songwriter and her songs are always delightfully interesting treat. Somehow so easy to enjoy, but still challenging and unique. A great thing about her is that even if you have a square full of folk singer-songwriters, she still stands out from the crowd because she is a unique talent and it’s hard to compare her to anyone. Magical phrasing, perfect melodic sense and the ability to write insightful lyrics. Useful things if your trying to make a wonderful album and July Flame is not just wonderful. It’s almost perfect. The song material is amazing throughout the record and this time they’ve totally mastered the arrangements and the production of the record. How can it sound so rich & coloured and pure & stripped-down at the same time.  July Flame sets the standards pretty high for the new year.

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