Review: Midlake – The Courage of Others

Midlake: The Courage of Others (Bella Union, 2010)

Everyone knows this one. So there’s no need to write a long review. This is more like a quick opinion.

Will I get hammered if I say that this actually a little boring? I probably should get hammered, but I can’t deny that I’m struggling with this album.  If I listen to just one song (anyone of them will do), I can admit that it sounds truly wonderful, but after listening to three or four songs in a row I’m thinking of changing the record. The album is like a cat without a personality. I mean cats are pretty much the most beautiful creatures on the planet, but in the long run I would still get rather bored watching a group of cats if the cats didn’t have their own unique characteristics.  This is just a steady flow of beautiful moods and sounds and there’s nothing that draws my attention. Maybe I should give it more time, but so far I’m not as impressed as I would like to be. Maybe I’ll just keep on listening to it in small doses. That way it stays enjoyable.


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  1. I won’t hammer you. (Yet.) This album REQUIRES time. It’s absolutely brilliant. And a genuine copy, not the leak, which is mediocre. DO NOT listen with distractions. The Courage of Others commands your undivided attention.

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