Review: Danny & The Champions Of The World – Streets Of Our Time

Danny & The Champions Of The World: Streets Of Our Time (Loose Music, 2010)

I’ve been a long time fan of Danny George Wilson. I love most of those Grand Drive albums and I love that solo album, but I was slightly dissapointed with the first Danny and The Champions of the World album. At first, I was really into this second album Streets of Our Time, but right now I’m thinking that it’s on its way to that same slight dissapointment category. I guess the problem is that while I do love listening to them, there’s nothing that I particularly love about them. Ok, that probably didn’t make any sense at all. The lost point was that it feels good to listen to their mellow and pleasant folk and americana songs, but almost none of it really strikes me as truly memorable. The only song that really stands out from the crowd is the opener Henry The Van. That is a great song and probably the most touching song ever written about a tour van. My other favourite is Streets Of Time, but as a whole this is more like a really good sunday morning record that makes you feel comfortable without demanding complete attention from your tired mind.  Nothing wrong with that I suppose, but some of his earlier works have left a much bigger mark on my heart. High hopes might actually make this little review sound more negative than it should be. Despite everything I said, I know I’m still going to buy the next album as well.


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