Teenage Fanclub – Baby Lee

New Teenage Fanclub song Baby Lee available here and/or here.

New album Shadows out and available on 31st of may in Europe/Japan/Australasia and on june 8th in the North America.

..and what about that song. It’s like the best thing ever. Live versions have been available on youtube for a long while, but it’s so wonderful to hear the studio version. May 31st can’t come soon enough.

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  1. Holy fuck – the song is CLASSIC TEENAGE FANCLUB (deserving the CAPITAL LETTERS), even better than I dared to expect. As an old fan, one GUESSES what the next chord is, BUT still it’s better than 99% of all the music anywhere.

    And: Sheffield May 28, here we come! Can’t believe the timing…I happen to be in the UK while TFC are touring. Spring is here. Life is good.


  2. Thanks for that. I didn’t know The Gaslight Anthem had an album coming out as well. Sounds great.

    And that Baby Lee song is indeed CLASSIC TEENAGE FANCLUB. Very familiar, but oh so fantastic.

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