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A lot of things have happened lately that should have been mentioned in here. First I had the flu and then the playoff fever. I’m still suffering from the latter, but I suppose I should start thinking about other things as well and try to get this blog up-to-date

At the moment one of my favourite records is Olavi Uusivirta’s new album Preeria that came out about a week ago. This is the first time that I’ve actually paid any attention to his music. It took me so long, because I’m a prejudiced prick who just assumed his got nothing good to offer (I should be old enough to understand that being a bit famous and being on major label doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a BAD songwriter. Shame shame shame on me). Anyway, now I’ve actually listened to him and I’m very impressed. Sure the album does have a couple of tracks that I don’t like at all (Puberteetti, Uni), but mostly the songs are either really good or utterly wonderful. The album has a nice 70’s and 80’s feel on it and it just sounds better than 99,9% of major label releases. I’ll try to find time to write a review later on, but now I’ll leave you with this video. It’s the first single Nukketalo palaa. I’m not entirely sure about the video, but I do love the song (it’s not my biggest favourite though).


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