Review: Epilä – Avohakkuu

Epilä: Avohakkuu (Terra Recordings, 2010)

Epilä is a band that I would like to love to more than I actually do. There aren’t too many guitar pop bands singing beautiful harmonies in finnish and when lovely people form such a band, one would really like to shout their name from the rooftops. Unfortunately I can’t because I have to be honest and admit that I haven’t totally fallen for their debut album Avohakkuu. It’s certainly not a bad album by no means. It’s actually a good album, but somehow the overall sound is a bit too cloudy for me and it just doesn’t have enough exceptional moments like the second single Pyhäkoulu. Maybe I just had hoped it would sound more joyful, because I know how well these guys can sing. Despite these minor issues, Avohakkuu is still a fine debut and I have high hopes, that one day they could deliver something that would match Egotrippi’s finest moments.


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