Review: The Weakerthans – Live at The Burton Cummings Theatre

The Weakerthans:  Live at The Burton Cummings Theatre CD+DVD (Epitaph, 2010)

I don’t care much for live albums and hardly ever buy them. This time I had to make an exception, because The Weakerthans is one of the greatest bands on the planet. Live at The Burton Cummings Theatre captures The Weakerthans in stunning form. The whole thing looks and sounds absolutely perfect. Heck, it sounds so good that you might not even realise that you are listening to a live recording if it’s just playing on the background. The concert was recorded last april in Winnipeg and the set list has songs from all of their albums albeit the focus is obviously on the last two albums. I won’t go into more detail, because a) I’m lazy b)  if you don’t know them, you probably won’t start by purchasing a live album c) if you do know them, you know how fantastic they are. So the only reason for this review was to notify that such a release is out and available.  It almost flew under my radar..


The Weakerthans Website
The Weakerthans at myspace

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  1. I was so thrilled by this album! I literally listened to it non-stop for months. Even though they are songs we Weakerthans fans are familiar with, they were performed so beautifully that the live-aspect added a whole new dimension to the music.

    Also, wow! What a good choice of songs. Usually when a band puts out a compilation of songs from previous records I am disappointed by the selection. In this case, I couldn’t have chosen better myself. Fantastic!

    Since I pre-ordered I was able to get a bright red LP. So it’s one of my most aesthetically pleasing records as well!

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