Review: Elvyn – The Decline

Elvyn: The Decline (Little Wagon Records, 2010)

This canadian pop group called Elvyn is one of my new favourite bands. About a month ago I ended up on their website and I fell in love with them pretty much straight after I hitted the play button of their album stream. Now the album entitled The Decline has finally arrived to Finland and I’m still equally addicted to them. The Decline is one amazing pop album that brings to mind all kind of wonderful things like harmonic pop a’la Teenage Fanclub or beautiful and soft country sounds in the vein of west coast’s finest offerings. The first half of the album is total pop perfection and songs like Lotta Lies, Don’t Leave, Don’t Go, I’ll Come Back, The Big Bay and I Guess You’re Wrong are slices of harmonic pop heaven. The second half brings it down to a humanly level. Meaning that while the first half sounds like the best thing ever, the latter half delivers “only” awesome pop music. Hopefully Elvyn will soon get the attention they deserve, because their songs have all the qualities  needed to make guitar pop, power pop and communities shout their name on messageboards and rooftops. The Decline is an excellent album full of classic pop songwriting, gentle country-tinged sounds and wonderful singing.


listen to Lotta Lies:


Elvyn Website
Elvyn at myspace

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  1. Taivaallista, todellakin… *vaipuu transsiin* Täytyy yrittää hankkia tämä levy kokonaisuudessaan mahdollisimman pian.

    Muuten, ihan loistavaa, kun noissa kotimaisissa julkaisuissa pysyy (edelleen..) kärryillä tämän blogin avulla. Ja juuri tällaiset upeat ulkomaisetkin teokset tulee huomattua. Hyvää työtä, jatka ihmeessä samaan malliin! 🙂

  2. Mahtilevy! Splendid!

    Äsken latasin Nokia-putiikista. Täytyy varmaan hommata oikea levykin.
    Popin juhlaa.

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