News: Nopat 7″

Truly wonderful news and it took me several weeks to write about it. Debut release by Nopat has been out and available for a few weeks. It’s a seven inch single Yksinäisten tiet / Rauhaton and I love it to bits. Nopat is a fairly new band, but these boys have given us some fabulous pop music with their earlier groups such as Leaky Soles, Red Carpet and Nopat continues on the same level of excellence. Think of younger finnish version of Mojave 3 (Excuses For Travellers -era) or Luna for example. Well better not to think anything that I have to say and just listen to this beautiful a-side of the single below.




Nopat at myspace

Nopat photo by Appu Jasu

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  1. Levykauppa X, Stupido Shop and 8raita sell it in Finland. At least the first two ship worldwide. So for example here:

    I don’t know are the shipping charges cheap, reasonable or expensive though.

    I’m not sure is it available in digital format, but I can always ask them if you want to know.

    I really like that Another Hundred Miles album I downloaded last week. I’ll write something about that later on. However, it might take several weeks, because I still got lots of finnish stuff that I need to write about. “Review pile” somehow gets a little high when you don’t write anything for two months.

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