News: Puskii! and Delay Trees


If you are wondering what ultrasport’s Sami Konttinen is doing nowadays, this is part of the answer. He has a new band called Puskii! and Puskii! is about to release their debut album later in the year 2010. You can already listen to the first single Kaalinpäitä ja kraanavettä on their myspace.

Puskii! at myspace
Puskii! at blogspot

Delay Trees

After their really good self-released Soft Construction EP, Delay Trees signed a deal with Johanna Kustannus and their first full-length album is due out in september. The first single is called Cassette 2012 and you can download it from their website. And it’s free. “Tender pop songs that will melt your ears” says their website and that’s pretty accurate. I have high hopes that the album could be both brilliant and still sell quite well.

Delay Trees Website
Delay Trees at myspace

Delay Trees photo Aapo Huhta

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