Video of the day #4: The Genuine Fakes

This time we travel to Sweden and monstrously highly recommend this fantastic power pop group called The Genuine Fakes. Yeah, I know I’ve already posted this once, but replay is definitely in order because this is so wonderful. They make me feel ten years younger, because they are kind of like updating this 90’s power pop thingy (Popsicle and The Posies especially) and that’s the music I love the most. Some of the bands that take influences from there occasionally sound a little outdated and don’t come even close to the level of their influences. However, The Genuine Fakes is the real thing and manages to sound totally fresh and just outstanding. Heck, if the rest of the album is equally wonderful, The Genuine Fakes might even beat The Posies and Teenage Fanclub (who are also releasing new albums in 2010, TFC already did) in their own game and make the most enjoyable pop album of the year. No pressure guys.

The Genuine Fakes are also now giving away a free mp3 of a song called Star on their iLike profile. That’s the reason I started to listen to them today and It’s another great tune. Someone should drag these guys to Finland. It isn’t a long journey from Stockholm. Next single is out on august 18th. Probably more The Genuine Fakes praising when it hits the airwaves. This is the first single I Don’t Want It:

The Genuine Fakes Website
The Genuine Fakes at myspace

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  1. I’ve been enjoying it as well and I really like the album. My review should be here in a week or two. It won’t be as detailed as your well written piece though. Thanks.

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