Review: Imperial State Electric – Imperial State Electric

Imperial State Electric: Imperial State Electric (Psychout Records, 2010)

Usually it takes me at least a couple of months to review an album, but let’s make an exception this time around and do a really hasty review. I just bought this baby about ten hours ago, but this is pretty basic stuff and I didn’t even need to hear more than a couple of songs to know that I was going to love this to bits. Imperial State Electric is the new band led by ex-Hellacopter Nicke Andersson and this time around he has added more rockin’ power pop to the sound galore. Ok, it might be power pop in a way some early KISS tracks are power pop, but in the end that’s pretty damn fine way to be power pop. And who cares if it’s power pop or not, because it’s such a fabulous rock’n’roll record and almost an overdose of fun, fun, fun. Imperial State Electric might not invent the coffee maker, but can certainly produce a stiff cup of coffee flavoured with some The Beatles, some The Who, some KISS and some rockin’ 70’s power pop. And it will certainly taste so strong and  wonderful that I bet your neighbours will start banging your walls and ceilings in order to get a cup themselves. At least you assume they do, because with all that shakin’ going on in your head you haven’t noticed that you’ve been playing this record all day long and produced more beautiful noise than they can safely handle.  Excellent stuff altogether and songs like Lord Knows I Know It Ain’t Right and I’ll Let You Down are absolutely fantastic.


Imperial State Electric at myspace

(sorry, this review ended up being a little restless and didn’t make much sense. I just wrote whatever came up to my tiny head)

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  1. hella hekka YES !

    isn’t it a cooool album

    i heard a snippet of a track or two a few months ago and surprisingly (considering I am the world’s most nutso ‘Copters fan) I delayed buying it or listening to the first posted copies on the torrent sites…

    anyway, i FINALLY ordered it from Sound Pollution last week and it arrived a few days ago.

    as you’d expect, I’ve been playing it constantly.

    a few songs were immediate faves, like Lee Anne, Lord Knows, ALIVE, but the rest are growing.

    man, i am so stoked he’s back – it’s been a painful wait – but here ’tis !

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