Review: Mat D. – Plank Road Drag

Mat d. : Plank Road Drag (Mary Moe – Music Works, 2010)

Mat d. is a singer-songwriter from Iowa, US and he has written a very fine album called Plank Road Drag. This road trip is all about country, blues and old time music. Old-fashioned you might say, but in the end  good songs are always in fashion and Mat deRiso is certainly capable of writing those. My own favourite is probably the rough, raw and captivating bluegrass song Ribbon Of Dirt, but it’s certainly not the only good song. Most of the songs do hit the target and inject a high dose of  raw but beautiful americana into your veins. A couple of songs like the opener Resurrection Cadillac gets a little too bluesy for my own personal preference, but it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with those songs. That’s just not totally my kind of music. However, most of Plank Road Drag is my kind of music and it is indeed a very fine album.

Listen to Ribbon Of Dirt

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