Review: Pernice Brothers – Goodbye, Killer

Pernice Brothers: Goodbye, Killer (Ashmont Records, 2010)

Joe Pernice’s debut novel was quite enjoyable, but he is still better as a pop singer-songwriter. Ok, it might be that he won’t reach the sky-high level of Overcome By Happiness, World Won’t End or The Scud Mountain Boys stuff anymore, but he is still more than able to create beautiful and harmonic pop music. Goodbye, Killer is his latest album full of captivating pop songs. Sometimes a little folky, always highly enjoyable. This time I prefer the slower material over the rockers (not that there’s anything wrong with the rockers). Especially Not The Loving Kind, Newport News and End Of Faith are slices of melodic pop heaven. This is not Joe Pernice’s greatest work, but it sure is very very good album once again and every pop fan should introduce their heart, mind & body to the whole Joe Pernice back catalogue.


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