Review: The Props – Mt. Karma

The Props: Mt. Karma (Prop Ranch Records, 2010)

The Props released their second full-lenght Mt. Karma a couple of months ago and it’s another good effort. They are heavily influenced by early Weezer and other 90’s rockin’ power pop and indie rock bands. I’m very much into that stuff and I do find the album enjoyable. The only major issue is that there’s nothing really drop-dead gorgeous on the album. It’s all good stuff, but the real killer tunes are missing and therefore it’s difficult to get extremely excited. Maybe it’s just the fact that there are far too few bands like this around and therefore one tends to hope that every new release would be the second coming of the giant pumpkin and can’t be totally happy with just good albums. In the end, Mt. Karma does contain a lot  of power chords, catchy choruses and good songs. That should be enough.


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