Quick Review: Earl Pickens & Family – Gathering

Earl Pickens & Family: Gathering (YAY! Music, 2010)

Earl Pickens & Family previously made an acoustic bluegrass version of U2’s Joshua Tree, but the new album Gathering is full of their own material. A wise decision, because they certainly have some really great songs. For me Gathering is a little bit of hit and miss kind of record. Not that the misses are bad misses. The “misses” are pleasant and good folk songs as well. However, the hits are pretty perfect hits and I love songs like True Too and Noreen, You Live To Lie To Me. They are just delivered with such beauty and warmness that you end up smiling even when the lyrical content is trying to crush you and I kind of love the contrast. A beautiful folk record.

Listen to True Too:


Earl Pickens & Family Website
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