A Quick review: Barb – Barb

Barb: Barb (Yep Roc, 2010)

A gigantic disappointment. Liam Finn’s solo debut I’ll Be Lightning was/is a huge favourite of mine and worth all the hearts in the world. Nowadays Liam Finn is in a band called Barb and therefore I had high hopes that I would like this album. Unfortunately I just don’t. I red somewhere that this super group from New Zealand just booked a studio for a month before they had written any songs and it kind of sounds like they didn’t bother writing the songs in the studio either. I suppose you might find this thrilling if you enjoy weird and experimental pop music, but I’m a fan of simple pop music and for me this is just incredibly boring.  Ok, It’s got some nice moments  here and there (but not everywhere) and a couple of good songs on the latter half of the album, but I do hope this will remain as a side project and Liam Finn will make another stunning solo album in the not-so-distant future.


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