A Quick Review: The Duke & The King – Long Live The Duke & The King

The Duke & The King: Long Live The Duke & The King (Silva Oak / Loose, 2010)

At first, I was really disappointed, but I’m starting to enjoy this more and more. I loved the debut album and gave it full five hearts. The debut was an extremely beautiful folk album that also had a little bit of soul thing goin on. The only problem with the new album for me is that the soul thing is starting to take full control. And even though most of these folk soul songs (like Hudson River or Have You Seen It? for example) are actually very good, I can’t get totally excited because it’s just not the kind of stuff I personally love. But don’t mind me. It’s my own problem that my preferred Simone Felice album wouldn’t contain anything else except acoustic guitar and Simone Felice’s voice. I just love that voice.


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