News: Bookends & Le Futur Pompiste

New Bookends album Proud Of My Stereo is now out and available. Co-released by Spiritual Partners & Rhythm Barrel Records. I don’t have it yet, but I’m fairly confident that it will be awesome. Bookends will also be the headliner for the next Flavour of The Month club that takes place in early december. I’ll make a news entry about that early next week.

Bookends at myspace

New Le Futur Pompiste album that I mentioned a while back is also now officially out and available. Released by the wonderful Shelflife Records. I’ve had it for several weeks and it’s certainly a really good album.

Le Futur Pompiste at myspace

This was just a quick news flash before going to Helsinki. The reason for the trip is obviously Teenage Fanclub. They play a concert tonight at Nosturi. Happy Happy Joy Joy. I think it’s safe to say “see you there”, because I believe most of the seven regular readers of this blog will be there as well.

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