Review: The Genuine Fakes – The Striped Album

The Genuine Fakes: The Striped Album (Pristine, 2010)

My kind of music. Big time. Melodic and loud power pop. Powerful chords, catchy-as-hell songs, killer hooks, gorgeous singing and harmonies.  That’s what I love to hear. However, I’ve also consumed a huge amoung of power pop during the last 15 years and therefore at this point only great power pop will do. Thankfully this is a non-issue for The Genuine Fakes, because this is indeed fantastic pop music and easily able to find the core of my heart.

The Genuine Fakes comes from Sweden and The Striped Album is their debut album. I’ve been waiting for it since I stumbled upon their myspace a couple of years ago. It sounded fabulous then and it still sounds fabulous today when the album is out and available. If you love 90’s swedish pop music and bands like Popsicle, The Merrymakers, The Wannadies.. and still make imaginary trips to 90’s Skellefteå, I’m quite confident that you will love this. Especially Popsicle influences shine through several times and that suits me perfectly. Heck, this is kind of like an updated version of my musical education. The Posies and Popsicle of the 90’s brought to 2010. What could be better than that? Nothing I guess. It wouldn’t work though, if they were mindless copycats without any own ideas and/or decent tunes, but there’s no need to worry because The Genuine Fakes have a master’s degree in the art of writing fairly simple, incredibly catchy and truly enjoyable pop music. That’s the finest art form I can think of and The Striped Album is definitely one of the best power pop albums of the year.

The Genuine Fakes Website
The Genuine Fakes at myspace


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