Favourite EPs of the Year

This is not really a list. I didn’t buy enough EPs to make a top 10, but there were two little discs that I really loved and therefore I want to mention them.

Nopat: Kaupungit ihmiset

If Kaupungin ihmiset had been an album, it would have made the top ten on the album list. If there had been “the best finnish releases of the year” -list  on this blog, Kaupungin ihmiset would have taken the second spot after A Cab To The City. This is a fantastic little disc and Nopat can really turn an everyday struggle into stress-free and serene beauty. They are the perfect antidote against all those “self-made hurry” situations that most of us are so good at creating. This is warm & beautiful in the vein of Excuses Of Travellers. What a lovely release.

Nopat at myspace


Heartjet: Goodbye, Stan

Heartjet’s digital only EP Goodbye, Stan introduces a new finnish power pop band/duo. There certainly aren’t too many of those around nowadays and therefore I’m obviously excited about the fact that there’s a new power pop band in the country. However, that excitement wouldn’t last very long, if they weren’t any good at it. Thankfully there’s no need to worry about that. They are pretty damn good already and all five songs on the EP are wonderful. Extremely highly recommended.

Heartjet at myspace

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