Carmen & The Devil – Amazing male-female country duets

Carmen & The Devil are exploring the american country & folk tradition, playing old (but never out of) fashion male-female duets, singing their hearts out.. and they are doing it all exceptionally well. They first started out playing Gillian Welch’s songs, but have since expanded their repertoire and nowadays you can also hear them cover other artists from Hank Williams to Holly Golightly. Last friday at Flavour Of The Month club, they also gave the world premiere to the first Carmen & The Devil original Love Drove My Baby Away. A song has to be pretty damn good, if it doesn’t feel any weaker than the Gillian Welch songs they were playing and this one didn’t. I will be ecstatic if they one day have a full EP/album of their own material. Oh, to tell you the truth, I’m already ecstatic, because The first Carmen & The Devil release Live by the Kitchen Table is out and available as a limited edition c-cassette! It contains Love Drove My Baby Away and some great covers. Demand is apparently high and Fredde’s cassette factory is running on overcapacity, but if you are interested in one, you better visit the best record store in Turku/Finland/World, 8raita Record Store.

Listen to the amazing Carmen & The Devil original Love Drove My Baby Away and their rendition of Rattlin’ Bones (song by Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson) below. Both are from the Live by the Kitchen Table cassette.

Love Drove My Baby Away:

Rattlin’ Bones:

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