Review: Greg Pope – Blue Ocean Sky

Greg Pope: Blue Ocean Sky (Octoberville Records, 2010)

Greg Pope is a highly respected tunesmith in the power pop community and all of his past releases have gotten great reviews in several pop-orientated websites and blogs. I had managed to miss his records until he made his new album Blue Ocean Sky available for free download for a short period of time. Now I’m thinking of buying his earlier material and can only feel ashamed that it took so long for me to give him a chance to win my heart over, because it proved to be a rather easy task for Greg Pope.

Blue Ocean Sky contains high quality pop music. A dose of 70’s rockin’ power pop (Badfinger!), a hint of 80s jangly pop music and a whole lot of almost radio-friendly modern power pop. Greg has the ability to write gentle killer melodies and the whole thing sounds warm and wonderful. There’s at least 5-6 really fantastic pop songs like You Don’t Really Mean A Word, I Tried To Like You and I Don’t Want The Same Things on the album and the rest of it is also thoroughly enjoyable.

Listen to I Tried To Like You:

Greg Pope Website

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