Video of the Day #43: Caitlin Rose & Rowan

Two videos for today. First we have a country singer-songwriter Caitlin Rose from Nashville, Tennessee. The song is called Own Side and it’s from her debut album. I must admit that I don’t really know Caitlin very well. I heard a couple of songs from her earlier EP sometime last year and since that she’s been on my list of artists/bands that I need to pay attention to. But I never really properly listened to her until a little promoter called Rowan entered the picture…


And here’s that little promoter I was talking about. Rowan is a 5-year old girl and she is singing that same song on the video below. Ok, proud parents filming their kids singing their favourite songs. There’s probably thousands of similar kind of videos on youtube. Most of them are probably nice, but it’s very often just the parents, relatives and friends that find these videos really cute and adorable. However, Rowan singing Caitlin Rose’s Own Side Now is pretty much the cutest and most adorable video on the internet. She looks so cute and sings so well. I’ve watched this probably twenty times during the past two days and this just makes me happy every time. Thanks Rowan for introducing Caitlin Rose’s songwriting talent to the world. I will buy her album just because of you.


Caitlin Rose Website

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  1. This little girl is a big trouble maker! Because of her, Webster had to to tear up their definition of “CUTE”. I think they are just going to add her picture in its place. Besides that she has captured the tune, the pitch and the tone of the music and presented us with a great performance of this song even with her little girl voice. I hope we are blessed in the future with additional performances as she matures through the years. Her expressions and presentation was priceless!!! Can”t stop watching this Video.

  2. I’m keeping my eye out for more from this little gifted one. So unique, and lovely, and worth watching repeatedly. That was a confession. Hahaha!

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