Video of the Day #58: Haroula Rose

I’ve been meaning to write about folk singer-songwriter Haroula Rose’s debut album These Open Roads, but so far I haven’t found the time to do so (= I’ve been lazy). I got it through Reviewshine and it’s a really lovely album. Hopefully one day I write more about the album, but I just saw this video and had to post it at once. Free To Be Me is one of my own favourite songs of that debut album and Ové Pictures have made a really magnificent music video for the song. This is not just a video of the day. This is more like the video of the year.

Free To Be Me from Ové Pictures on Vimeo.

Haroula Rose at Bandcamp
Haroula Rose at Facebook

Ové Pictures Website

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  1. The music that I heard was much more different than what I hear in US. I thought it was great! I enjoyed the video with my son.

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