Video of the Day #64: David Myhr

Swedish David Myhr from The Merrymakers is going solo. That sounds pretty exciting to me, because both The Merrymakers albums are heralded as power pop classics in this household (and probably in almost every household where 90’s power/guitar pop is a big deal). I’m still a little ashamed that I failed to post David’s debut single Got You Where He Wanted that came out in march, but let’s make amends by posting this second single Looking For A Life that came out about a week ago. Such a marvelous pop song. The lyrics to this beauty were written by the Swedish pop guru Andreas Mattsson (ex-Popsicle who released a great solo album earlier in 2011). Check out the song below. You can download it for free, if you become his fan at Facebook. The solo album should be out sometime in the fall.


David Myhr Website
David Myhr at Facebook

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