Review: Matt Woods – The Matt Woods Manifesto

Matt Woods: The Matt Woods Manifesto (2011)

Matt Woods is a pretty damn good country/americana singer-songwriter from Knoxville, Tennessee. His new album is called The Matt Woods Manifesto and it’s impressive stuff from first chord to last word. I mostly listen to the soft and beautiful country songs, so it’s actually quite refreshing to spend some quality time with a really good album that also contains some grittier americana and countryfied rock’n’roll. Not that Matt Woods can’t handle the beautiful side of country music equally well. For example country duet Lost In Tennessee with Trisha Gene Brady is a good proof of that. Somehow Matt’s passionate voice occasionally reminds me of another hardcore troubadour Tim Barry, but I’m probably the only one who thinks so. Anyhow, Tim Barry is not a very close match style-wise, because Matt Woods has more classic country and more southern rock vibe in his songs. They are both passionate and honest hard-working singer-songwriters who sing their hearts out, so they do have something in common.

Listen to Beating Down My Door:

Matt Woods Website
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