The Deep Dark Woods – The Place I Left Behind

I’ve finally accepted the fact I will never have the time to “properly” review all the great albums that are coming out. Therefore I thought I will start writing small news bits about foreign releases as well. Because even though no-one else probably cares, it’s heartbreaking to me when I notice that I haven’t even written one word about some albums that I really love. I will still try to review the stuff I end up loving the most (at least the album of the month), but this way it doesn’t matter too much will it take me two days or two months.

Let’s begin with The Deep Dark Woods from Saskatchewan, Canada. Their new album The Place I Left Behind will be released by Six Shooter Records on 2nd of august. I just recently stumbled upon them and don’t even own any of their albums. I’ve only listened to their previous album Winter Hours on Spotify and watched a bunch of videos. But oh my. This is totally my kind of band and I’m pretty excited about the upcoming album. Just wonderful folk rock and americana songs. And plenty of vocal harmonies which is always a plus. This first outtake from the new album is entitled West Side Street and it sounds absolutely marvelous to me.

[soundcloud url=”″]
And here’s a great video of Two Time Loser. It’s from the previous album:


The Deep Dark Woods Website
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