Small introduction to Swedish Powerpop

The Genuine Fakes from Sweden will play at Flavour Of The Month club here in Turku on 3.9.2011 (unfortunately the Helsinki show did not work out) like you may have noticed. Therefore I’ve been also listening to some older swedish powerpop favourites of mine. There are plenty of them, because 90’s Swedish power pop is extremely important to me. Popsicle has always been my biggest Swedish love affair, but all of these are huge favourites of mine. I’m sure you will hear some of these at the next Flavour Of The Month also, because I’m one of the DJs.

Popsicle: Sunkissed

The Wannadies: Might Be Stars

The Merrymakers: I’m In… Love!

Blissful: Factory Girl

Tommy 16: Baby’s Got

and some newer stuff:

Mellowmen: Sunshine Shell

The Swedish Polarbears: Norman Blake (<- These guys really capture the TFC sound perfectly) [youtube] and obviously the wonderful The Genuine Fakes who will play at Flavour Of The Month (Pikku-Torre, Turku on 3rd of september) The Genuine Fakes: I Don’t Want It

The Genuine Fakes: When Reality Hits You

And obviously this was just a start. There’s so much more. Like Atomic Swing, This Perfect Day, Eggstone, The Drowners, Bear Quartet, Happydeadmen, Beagle, Hardy Nilsson

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