Power Pop #4: The Late Show – What Can I Do

One more for tonight (Don’t worry. I’ll soon forget this whole thing and after that it’s more like once a month than once or twice a day). Anyway, I was just searching information about songs that I will feature on this thing and noticed that one US power pop classic, Portable Pop by The Late Show will be reissued later in the year by Trashy Creatures Records (at least if things go as planned). I’m rather excited about this, because I haven’t even heard the full album (never before on CD and vinyl is obviously out of print). I think this song called What Can I Do is the only song I’ve heard from it. I downloaded it from some power pop website probably 7-8 years ago and I really love it. If the rest of Portable Pop is even half as good, it must be a great album. Portable Pop was originally released in 1980. Based on that Trashy Creatures site they also recorded a second album that was never released, but it will finally see the light of the day sometime next year. The band is also back together. Check out more information on their Facebook page.


The Late Show at Facebook

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