Old Californio – Sundrunk Angels

I first heard about Old Californio when I red that the legendary power pop drummer Ric Menck recommended them. That was a year or two ago.. around the time their previous album came out. Even though I would happily follow Ric to moon and back and value his opinion, I never ended up buying the album. But the name stuck in my mind and a month ago when I noticed that my favourite record store, 8raita, had the new Old Californio album Sundrunk Angels in stock, it was time to get to know Old Californio a little bit better. A wise decision, because this is definitely my kind of music. Picking up plenty from the west coast tradition. Beautiful country-folk, some psychedelic rock’n’roll and a fair share of great pop melodies. It’s not perfect and I won’t start shouting their name from the rooftops at this point, but Sundrunk Angels is a very fine record indeed.


Old Californio Website

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