A huge thank you + dj set list

A huge thank you to everyone who came to Flavour of The Month last night. I loved every moment of it and all the performers were brilliant. And The Genuine Fakes. Oh my. What a band. The best concert I’ve seen in ages even though Pikku-Torre isn’t the best possible place for such a loud power pop band. I was the DJ and because this evening was a perfect excuse to feel a little nostalgic and play all those power pop classics, that was exactly what I did. Along with some newer favourites like Bobby Emmett and Elvyn. You’ll find the play list below. I might have forgotten a few and it’s not in any order (except that Emitt Rhodes’ Lullabye was the last song).

Flavour Of The Month 3.9.2011

The Posies: Flavor of the Month
The Posies: The Glitter Prize
Matthew Sweet: Sick Of Myself
The Nerves: When You Find Out
Owsley: I’m All Alright
All About Chad: Embarassing Moments
All About Chad: My Sister Hates The Band
Popsicle: Hey Princess
Greenberry Woods: Oh Christine
Tommy 16: Summer Fling
The Choir: It’s Cold Outside
Marmalade Souls: Yeah Yeah!
The Wannadies: Might Be Stars
The Wannadies: The You & Me Song
Farrah: Tired Of Apologizing
Blissfull: Factory Girl
The Vandalias: Hey Kari G
The Merrymakers: Troubled Times
Jack & The Beanstalk: Some Brighter Day
Mellowmen: You Better Leave Now
The Red Button: Cruel Girl
The Bigger Lovers: Bought Your Ghost
Super Deluxe: Farrah Fawcett
The Weakerthans: Tournament Of Hearts
Cheeky Monkey: That Kind Of Girl
DM3: Show You
Teenage Fanclub: Sparky’s Dream
The Minus 5: You Don’t Mean It
Minky Starshine & The Cardinals: Rescue Me
Tal Bachman: She’s So High
Daryll-Ann: Stay
Jason Falkner: I Live
Gigolo Aunts: Where I Find My Heaven
Silver Sun: Dumb
The Raspberries: Go All The Way
The Byrds: I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better
Sloan: Unkind
Elvyn: Lotta Lies
Dawes: If I Wanted Someone
Bobby Emmett: Queen Of Hearts
Bobby Emmett: Still Wanna Be With You
Fountains Of Wayne: A Dip In The Ocean
Lolas: Best Part
The Jayhawks: I’d Run Away
Jonny: Candyfloss
David Bazan: Wolves At The Door
Andreas Mattsson: AA
22-Pistepirkko: I Knew
Bridget: Needless
Mummypowder: Part Of The Fun
Cats On Fire: Mesmer & Reason
The Rollstons: Flannel Blanket
Emitt Rhodes: Lullabye

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  1. Hey! Great to see that there are people with such impeccable taste in music in our neighbour country! I love many of the artists in this list. And thanks to you I discovered a buried treasure like Mellowmen. Would be great to come over some day in the future and play some songs from my upcoming solo debut album “Soundshine”. Over and out. All the best from David Myhr (ex-The Merrymakers).

  2. Hi David. Thanks for the feedback. I’m a big fan of The Merrymakers and your new solo stuff sounds great as well. Looking forward to the album Soundshine. David Myhr at Flavour of the Month would be great and hopefully we can make that happen one day.

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