Säkert! – På Engelska

I’ve had a big soft spot for Swedish Hello Saferide since the debut album (I really loved it back then, most likely still do), but I haven’t really given a chance for Annika Norlin’s another moniker Säkert! . Mostly because the lyrics are a big part of her charm and my Swedish skills are nowadays pretty non-existent. It looks like there are other similar kind of prejudiced pricks out there, because now Säkert! songs have been released with English lyrics. The album entitled På Engelska is now out and available and the new music video is called Can I.


And how could I not post Hello Saferide’s Anna video, if I write about Annika Norlin. This is so cruel and brutal. It breaks my romantic heart every time. It’s from the second Hello Saferide album that was produced by pop guru Andreas Mattsson.


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