Suburban Home 16th Anniversary

Congratulations to Suburban Home Records! This fabulous label is celebrating their 16th anniversary in Denver this weekend. I think I don’t need to go into specific details about the shows, because it’s pretty far away for us Finns. However, I love the label and want to post their Anniversary mix-tape, because it showcases the thing they do best. Which is to release wonderful music and there’s plenty of that coming this fall. For example new albums from Micah Schnabel and Have Gun Will Travel are out later in the year and I’m waiting them eagerly (Last year Micah Schnabel took the #2 spot and Have Gun Will Travel the #11 spot on my albums of the year list). There’s one song from their upcoming albums on the mix below. Suburban Home is also about to reissue the somewhat legendary Lenny & The Piss Poor album that has been out-of-print for several years. I so want that into my collection. I need to check out the new additions to their roster like Arliss Nancy, because I don’t know much about them yet.

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Suburban Home Records Website

And why not a list as well:

One Chord to Another’s Top 5 Suburban Home releases:

1. Micah Schnabel: When The Stage Lights Go Dim
2. Austin Lucas: Somebody Loves You
3. Two Cow Garage: Speaking In Cursive / Sweet Saint Me
4. Drag The River: Closed / Chicken Demos
5. Limbeck: S/T

Ok, I cheated a bit, because I put two albums from Two Cow Garage and Drag The River. And there’s still no room for The Takers or Chad Price. This is heartbreaking, I should have made a top 10 or 20.

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