The Spoonshiners E.P. released

Helsinki-based garage/power pop group The Spoonshiners just released their debut E.P as a limited edition cassette. If you aren’t willing or able to buy it, you can listen to the songs on their soundcloud. I especially enjoyed this opening track Three Years that I added below. Reminds me of all kinds of great 90’s american indie bands from Buffalo Tom to Dinosaur Jr.. The second track Echo on the Telephone on the other hand has some great classic power pop elements and wouldn’t feel out of place on those Shake Some Action compilations that I’ve been collecting recently (they gather together late 70’s and early 80’s powerpop, new wave and mod songs. Maybe not totally official compilations.. and if anybody wants to sell volumes 7 and 8 for a reasonable price, send me a note). Anyway, enough with the pointless ramblings. This is Three Years.. check out the other three songs and earlier single on their soundcloud.

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The Spoonshiners at Facebook
The Spoonshiners at Soundcloud

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