The Breakdowns – The Kids Don’t Wanna Bop Anymore

File under: The best stuff ever. New The Breakdowns album The Kids Don’t Wanna Bop Anymore is most likely friggin’ amazing. I’m excited after checking out just the 30 sec samples and a couple of full songs. I’m gonna order the album tomorrow. This UK band plays my kind of music. Just great power pop/garage/rock’n’roll action going on. Hey Veronica sounds like The Shoes to me and that’s hardly a bad thing. The Ramones tribute The Kids Don’t Wanna Bop Anymore works equally well. Magnificent!

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  1. Hey!
    It’s a great album!
    You might wanna know that the version of ‘Hey Veronica’ that you posted above is quite different to th eone that appears on the album. This is the original verison that was released on vinyl. The one on the album is a lot more boombastic! It’s great!!

  2. I’m looking forward to the album. Ordered it from Soundflat yesterday and hopefully I will receive it sometime next week.

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