Glossary – Long Live All Of Us

New Glossary album Long Live All Of Us came out a week or two ago on Last Chance Records. Which is nice. Soulful rock and A band that should be huge. I’m a rather new traveller in this boat though. I only acquired my first Glossary album Feral Fire (their previous) earlier in 2011. I still haven’t heard this new one in full, because first I was wondering whether to go with the download instead of the physical copy, because the shipping charges to Finland were very high (shipping the new Glossary and Shane Sweeney CDs to Finland seem to cost $20 and that’s just too much. Otherwise pretty much the greatest label there is, because all the bands they have on their roster are stunning). And then when I decided to just go with the download, I can’t seem to be able to download it from This Is American Music tonight. My problem or theirs. Don’t know yet, but it will eventually get sorted. Anyway, the point of this post was just to quickly mention that there is a new Glossary album out and available. This is the wonderful opener Trouble Won’t Always Last.

Edit: And about two minutes after this post, Corey from This is American Music sent me a new link for the download. Now that’s what I call fast and fantastic customer service. Therefore it’s time to put the new Glossary album to my iPod, sleep 5 hours and then listen to new Glossary album for 8 hours at work. Sounds good to me.

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