Joe Pug Live at Lincoln Hall

I think another great songwriter Kasey Anderson first got me into Joe Pug. Either him or the blog ninebullets. Or Kasey writing for ninebullets. Either way this happened sometime last year, I later bought the album Messenger, fell in love with it and it was one of my top 20 albums last year. Now ninebullets alerted me about the new live album and I have to do my small part in spreading the gospel.

Chicago’s Joe Pug is one of the greatest folk troubadours at the moment. Everyone seems to think so, but of course that’s a bit of a perspective illusion. In the bigger picture he is still relatively unknown, but in the world I live in, he is extremely highly respected and about 90% of the blogs and webzines I read (and whose opinion I trust) are totally into him. The big news concerning Joe Pug is that he has a new live album out there in the digital world entitled Live at Lincoln Hall and you can buy it for $5. You know that generally I don’t really care for these kind of things, but this guy is something special and you can hardly get a better value for money than buy this thing of beauty for around 4€ or so. Live albums don’t get much better than this. Fantastic stuff.

To get you in the right mood. Here’s How Good You Are from the HearYa sessions:


Joe Pug Website
Joe Pug Store

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