The Milk Carton Kids (stunning albums for free!)

First. Big thank you to Norwegian No Deal Music for introducing this to me. I found the The Milk Carton Kids from No Deal Music’s year-end list a few days before finishing mine. I liked them so much I was on the verge of putting the album to my list as well (and on a fairly high place as well). In the end, I decided not to, because I wasn’t sure is it my year end list, if I include a record that I just found from another blog a minute ago and have not even heard about beforehand. However, this is so fantastic stuff, that I need to make this small post to tell you that I love The Milk Carton Kids. Two guys (Kenneth Pattengale & Joey Ryan) playing guitars and singing their hearts out. Folk songs with lovely harmonies. Simple formula, but works perfectly. You can download their two albums for free on their website!

As It Must Be from Retrospect


I Still Want a Little More from Prologue


The Milk Carton Kids Website

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