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Every pop band should have at least one song where the title of the song is a name of a girl. For all The Girls have gone several steps further and only have these kind of songs. Well, I don’t mind at all. Damien Fairchild is writing love songs for girls and he is good at it. He has been releasing one song every month since september and the debut album will see the light of the day on 14th of february. I should have written about him many times, because I instantly loved the first song Amrit and have since enjoyed each and every song. These won’t win the composition of year award, but sometimes simple two-minute songs about girls is all one needs. Some are marvellous, some are only good, but everything is so enjoyable. Auto-tune Funk Folk is the tongue-in-cheek description on For All The Girls’ Facebook. I sometimes think of Magnetic Fields and Jonathan Richman while listening to the album. These are my favourites from the ones that are already out and available.



For All The Girls at Facebook
For All The Girls at Bandcamp

oh and because the truth is already out there. The man behind For All The Girls is actually the wonderful Drew Danburry.

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