Elephant Micah – Louder Than Thou

New Elephant Micah album Louder Than Thou is out and available. Ok, you have to wait a few more weeks for the vinyl, but digital album is already available as name-your-price download. I need to decide whether to buy the vinyl or pay something for the download. I feel way too guilty to just enjoy this beautiful record for free. Elephant Micah is magnificent and has released several lo-fi folk masterpieces. If you are into people like Mark Kozelek and Jason Molina, you really should be listening to Elephant Micah as well. Louder Than Thou isn’t his easiest album to approach. At least for me, because I’m not used to spend my afternoons with 6-7 minute long folk songs. However, this guy is such a talent that he can sell a long experimental folk tune to a fan of simple pop songs. This one below is the first single If I Were a Surfer. listen to the rest of the album by hitting that bandcamp link. And do check out his amazing back catalogue.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/26585762″ iframe=”true” /]

Elephant Micah Website
Product of Palmyra at bandcamp

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