Flavour of the Month 2.3.2012: David Myhr (SWE), Heartjet

There’s a very special Flavour of the Month taking place at Pikku-Torre, Turku on friday 2nd of march, 2012. Ex-Merrymaker David Myhr will be playing a solo concert with great Finnish duo Heartjet as the support act.

I’ve already praised The Merrymakers enough (ok, that might not be possible, they were so brilliant), so let’s focus on things happening now. David Myhr’s solo debut Soundshine came out in Japan last december and will be released in Europe at the end of march by the great british pop label Lojinx (Farrah, FOW, Brendan Benson, Pugwash…). I’ve not heard the full album yet, but based on the first outtakes, David Myhr is in top form and capable of creating timeless melodies and insanely catchy pop songs. Check out these videos if you don’t take my word for it. And do come to the show at Pikku-Torre on 2nd of march.

And there’s more. David Myhr will have a great support act. Finnish Heartjet might be still a bit unknown, but that’s just criminal. Their digital releases Goodbye Stan EP and Grace/World single are both excellent pop releases. Listen to below.

aika: pe 2.3. klo 21-03
livenä: DAVID MYHR (SWE, ex-Merrymakers) & HEARTJET
paikka: Pikku-Torre, Yliopistonkatu 30, Turku
liput: 4€

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