Jay Gonzalez – Mess of Happiness

Drive-By Truckers keyboardist Jay Gonzalez has released a pretty damn good solo album. His own material differs quite a lot from Drive-By Truckers, because Mess of Happiness is actually a great AM-infused power pop album. That suits me fine and I really like the album. There’s lots of colourful arrangements, cool 70s vibe and most importantly, plenty of awesome pop songs. Occasionally Jay is balancing on a thin line, but he does have the taste and talent to make the most out of AM Gold influences without stepping into uncomfortable territory. Mess of Happiness is a whole lot of fun and isn’t that what pop music is supposed to be. This is one below is one of my early favourites, a song entitled Baby Tusk. You can stream the whole album at bandcamp.

Jay Gonzalez Website
Jay Gonzalez at Facebook

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