Video of the Day #93: Frontier Ruckus

Another one for today. Frontier Ruckus also unveiled their new music video. Mona and Emmy is an outtake from their Way Upstate & the Crippled Summer, pt. 2 EP that came out last year. Me and Frontier Ruckus are still in the state of getting to know each other, but I think I already have a major crush. I can only hope the feeling is mutual. After falling for artists/bands like Chris Bathgate, Small Houses and Hezekiah Jones, dating Michigan-based folk group Frontier Ruckus felt like I logical next step and I bought the excellent Deadmalls & Nightfalls album couple weeks back and now it certainly looks like I might end up buying everything they’ve ever done during the next few weeks. This is Mona and Emmy.


And here’s a beautiful older field recording from 2008. The song is Dark Autumn Hour from the Orion Songbook.


Frontier Ruckus Website
Frontier Ruckus at Facebook

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