Couch by Couchwest – Where the beer is cheaper and the only hipster is you

I thought that it’s my duty to inform the Finnish folks that the coolest music festival of the year starts today. Most likely this will also be the only festival that I will attend this year. The festival is obviously the annual online music festival Couch by Couchwest. The idea is simple. Austin is a long drive (actually a long flight from Finland) and you might have a thing called “life” getting in the way. And even if you have the money and time to show up, it can be inconvenient. Way too many people, traffic and all that nonsense. So why not instead just sit comfortably on your own couch and watch awesome music performances that artists from all over the world have recorder just for CXCW. Maybe CXCW could even get some Finnish entries this year. The rules are simple. Couch By Couchwest accepts all submissions from musicians as long as it is recorded for the Couch by Couchwest festival. So no old home videos. New unique videos recorded for CXCW. Couch is not a must. CXCW supports creativity. Anywhere but stage is alright.

Highlight last year was Neko Case. It will be exciting to see who will submit videos this time around. Based on twitter, the CXCW audience will get to see some fantastic videos from great artists. Looking forward to the festival. Read more about Couch by Couchwest on their website.

Couch by Couchwest Website
Couch by Couchwest at Facebook
Couch By Couchwest at twitter

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