Old Hills, Young Mountain (Kickstarter campaign)

I have never written about any kickstarter project, even though I think they are a great way to fund albums. Country & folk compilation Old Hills, Young Mountain is a good reason to start writing, because I can fully support this project. The idea is to make a one of kind compilation by bringing folk musicians from all over the states to one studio in Michigan to record live to old reel to reel equipment. Artist list contain two big heroes of mine, Hezekiah Jones and Small Houses (Jeremy Quentin from Small Houses is also a producer in this project). The rest of the artists are new to me, because of my limited knowledge to folk music. However, based on that video on the Kickstarter page, I think I’m gonna check them out even before this beautiful compilation is out and available.

Check out more information about the project on the Old Hills, Young Mountain Kickstarter page.

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