Red Jacket Mine – Listen Up (If the World Is Going to Hell)

This new single Listen Up (If the World Is Going to Hell) was my first introduction to Seattle-based Red Jacket Mine. They’ve released two full-lenghts in the past (Lovers Lookout from 2009 was actually produced by one of my biggest heroes, Ken Stringfellow), so I’m joining the party rather late. However, I think I need to preview the earlier material as well, because I’m really enjoying Red Jacket Mine’s soulful pop music. “Curtis Mayfield meets Nick Lowe” says the bio about the a-side of the single. Now that’s a good way to lift the expectations extremely high. This is Listen Up (If the World Is Going to Hell):


And this is the b-side Rosy Days (There’s a moment or two in here that makes think of Joe Algeri/Jack & The Beanstalk)

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Besides making great music, Red Jacket Mine’s frontman Lincoln Barr is also listening to great music. Lately I’ve been also listening to the artists he recommended on this Ardent interview. I knew Bahamas and Jason Collett beforehand, but Zeus, Peter Elkas and The Golden Dogs were new to me and I’ve really liked them. Especially Zeus.

Red Jacket Mine Website

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