David Myhr – Soundshine

Monday was a great day for fans of power pop, because Lojinx released David Myhr’s solo debut Soundshine. The expectations were sky high, because David Myhr used to play in The Merrymakers, which is one of my all-time favourite power pop groups. Thankfully Soundshine fills those almost unrealistic expectations extremely well. This really is pure pop perfection and it’s no wonder that the album has gotten a fantastic reception in the pop-minded blogosphere. For example both Powerpopaholic and Absolute Powerpop think it’s the the album of the year so far. I can pretty much agree. Even though my addiction to Mörönsyötti has reached such heights that Soundshine probably can’t knock it out from the album of the year spot, this definitely is my favourite pure pop album of the year (and the opening track Never Mine is a strong candidate for the song of the year award). This catchy-as-hell pop heaven has more beautiful melodies than there are country songs about Carolina. I enjoyed the lyrical side of things as well. I have to mention the opening lines of Wanderlust. Sometimes I’m able to make art out of indecisiveness and therefore the line “I used to think I had a problem making up my mind / Now I’m not sure anymore” just made me smile. If you are looking for timeless melodies and harmony-filled pop music, you really can’t go wrong with Soundshine. Perfect spring soundtrack and if you are listening to this I guarantee that even the nastiest sudden cold spell can’t remove the sunshine from your heart.

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  1. Having spent years 1995-2005 scanning EVERTHING powerpop and following the movement ever since (even after the inevitable hangover you get from overdoing something), hence considering myself an expert on the genre, I have to say this is by far the most convincing and total powerpop record of the year, no, the 2000s. VERY catchy, great vocals, great musicianship, very well produced and it sounds smooth, easy and natural. As a certain record salesman would have said, “extremely highly recommended” if you’re into pop music at all.

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